Contracting Sector Regulator
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Dates - 24-26th May 2022 | Venue: Fairmont The Palm Dubai - UAE

Executive Committee


Khalid A Ghamdi

Global Assurance Turnaround Senior Manager,  SABIC


Ahmed M. Al-Dhahri

Inegrated Event Steering Committee Chairman Assistant Saudi Aramco ExxonMobil Refinery...

Fawzi Adam Al-Somali

General Manager, Maintenance Saudi Aramco Shell Re ning Company (SASREF)

Abdullah B. Al-Sayed

General Manager, Maintenance, Tasnee

Fahad Al-Sulaim

VP – Operations GASCO, National Gas & Industrialization Company

Uboud Nasser Al-Ghamdi

Senior Manager, Turnaround Event Maintenance Division Ar-Razi – Sabic

Ali Al Hazemi

CEO, Industrial Expertise Engineering Consultations Office

Mohamed Al Mazrouei

Maintenance Vice President Abu Dhabi Oil Re ning Company (TAKREER)


Mamdouh B. Al-Aidarous

Dynamic Analysis Group (DAG) Engineering Consultant Saudi Aramco

Khalid Al Bohamdoh

Consultant Sabic

Dr. Salman Al-Mishari

Reliability Consultant SM Engineering Consulting Inc.

Kevin W. McQuillan

Sr. Consultant Solomon Associates

Yahya G. Asiri

Manager Outbound Logistics Outbound Logistics Supply Chain, SBU Petrochemicals Tasnee

Arokiasamy Soosaimanickam

Head of Reliability Department, Salalah Methanol Company, Oman

Peter Johnson

Managing Director ASL Group

Salem Al Shahrani

Maintainance Manager SWCC

Mohammed ALA Shamarri

Manager Maintenance KNPC

John W. Countz

Executive Board Member – at International Council on Reliability...