Dates: 12-14 December 2023 | Venue: The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE

Press Release

The 4th annual STOTME intends to exceed expectations yet again.

The Middle East’s largest STO Conference began today, May 16th. The 4th Annual Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Technical Conference is intended to raise the benchmark, led by Ali Al-Ruwaily – Executive Manufacturing General Manager, HADEED SABIC and the top management of SABIC, ARAMCO, TASNEE, and Sadara. As Elite Platinum Sponsors and Platinum Sponsors, the Conference includes industry leaders such as ABIS, Sendan International Company, ALMUZAIN, ASL Group, ICMS, and Alyamama Company. Top executives will be on hand to address the concerns and solutions around shutdowns and turnaround excellence.

Mr. Ruwaily discussed how the GDP and inflation affect the oil and gas business, as well as what needs to be done to go beyond what is necessary. STOT ME is an excellent venue for discussing the significance of a successful turnaround. Added Mr. Ruwaily.

The 3-day Conference will include a plethora of brilliant Speakers who will share their expertise. STOTME is an excellent place for information exchange, encouraging networking among interested parties, and offering technical programs that are useful and prioritize the practical side of mechanical engineering over the theoretical side are the objectives of this conference.